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China Central Television or Chinese Central Television, commonly abbreviated as CCTV (Simplified Chinese:; Pinyin: Zhōngguó Zhōngyāng Diànshìtái) is the major broadcast television network in Mainland China. Organizationally, it is a sub-ministry of People's Republic of China's central government within the State Administration of Radio, Television, and Film and as such it does not have any editorial independence from the PRC government.

CCTV has sixteen different channels of programming content and competes with television stations run by local governments (such as BTV and several regional channels) and foreign programming which can be readily received via satellite television. Unlike US channel naming conventions, but similar to the situation in many countries in Europe, most CCTV channels are listed in sequential order with no discerning descriptions, e.g. CCTV-1, CCTV-2, etc.

CCTV5 is the biggest Sports Channel in the People's Republic of China.It has extensive coverage of European football leagues (including Italian, Spanish, German and French leagues), CCTV5 also have the exclusive rights of NBA,Chinese Basketball Association, International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and Olympics, and the events leading up to it.

CCTV channels
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CCTV-1 Mixture PPStream 1 TVAnts 1 2
CCTV-2 Economy TVAnts 1
CCTV-3 Arts PPLive 1 PPStream 1 TVAnts 1 2
CCTV-4 International, in Chinese PPmate 1 2 TVAnts 1 TVUPlayer 1
CCTV-5 Sports PPmate 1 TVAnts 1 SopCast 1
CCTV-6 Movies and series TVUPlayer 1 TVAnts 1
CCTV-7 Military/Agriculture TVAnts 1
CCTV-8 TV drama PPmate 1 PPStream 1 TVUPlayer 1
CCTV-9 International, in English PPmate 1 TVAnts 1 2 3 TVUPlayer 1
CCTV-10 Science and Education  
CCTV-11 Opera  
CCTV-12 Society and Law  
CCTV-News 24-hour News PPmate 1 PPStream 1 TVAnts 1 2 3
CCTV-Children Children's channel  
CCTV-Music Music  
CCTV-E&F International, in Spanish and French